Tubbing manipulator for the Snekkestad Tunnel

Snekkestad Tunnel

A hydraulic excavator becomes a tubbing manipulator
A Liebherr R 954 C Litronic excavator form the basis of the manipulator.
This model has been selected because of its size, the width of its chassis and its net weight of 55 t. We dismantled the excavator up to the upper structure and rebuilt it with a special jib. We installed a vacuum plate right at the front of the head, which sucks the 7.2 t of tubbing, i.e. the precast concrete segments. To ensure the stability of the excavator, it was weighed down with an additional counter weight of 6 t at the rear. A load bearing limit measures when the excavator has reached its maximum jib radius. If this is exceeded it shuts off automatically, resp. only functions that lessen the load can be initiated.


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