Construction of En­clo­sure Schwa­men­ding­en & Re­no­va­tion of Schön­eich Tunnel

Construction of En­clo­sure Schwamendingen & Renovation of Schöneich Tunnel

Residents currently living in Schwamendingen are exposed to excessive levels of noise and exhaust fumes, because one of the busiest roads, the N0l/40, runs straight through this residential district. Around 120,000 vehicles travel on this road every day. As part of a comprehensive noise reduction programme, the Federal Department for Environment, Transport, Energy & Communication (DETEC) is building a structure
to enclose the Schöneich section of this national road, with the support of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and the City of Zurich. The
tunnel bordering the roadway will be renovated at the same time.


Federal Department for Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (DETEC)

Main contractor

Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

Duration of the contract

2018 – 2024


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