Conveyor belt system for the drive 1 construction project section 

conveyor belt system for the Woodsmith Mine Tunnel 

In 2018, Sirius Minerals commissioned STRABAG AG UK Branch with the drive 1 construction project section. This company in turn awarded Marti Technik AG a contract for a conveyor belt system that carries away the excavated material from the tunnel boring machine in the dumpsite hall to the Wilton site. The contract includes planning, manufacturing, delivering, and supervising the assembly and commissioning of the entire conveyor system, consisting of a tunnel conveyor and a dumpsite conveyor. The special thing about the tunnel conveyor is that, despite its 13-kilometre length, it does not have an intermediate drive, and it has been equipped with a wireless emergency stop system at the customer's request.


York Potash Ltd. / Sirius Minerals PLC




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