Tunnel conveyor with two boosters for use in loose rock

CONVEYOR BELT SYSTEM for the Metrô São Paulo

Brazil is investing in the expansion of its infrastructure. One project involves the “Metrô São Paulo”, the city‘s underground rail network which opened in 1974. In 2002, Line 5 became the newest route to open. Until today though, this line is not connected to the rest of the network as the work began from the edge of the city. Since 2013, Section 7 has been under construction as a singletube tunnel with a diameter of 10.21 m through loose rock. The tunnel will be 5.7 km long. For the removal of excavated material we supplied a tunnel conveyor with two boosters, a 74 m long ascending conveyor and a 45 m long discharge conveyor.


Consórcio Metropolitano 5


2018 – 2020


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