Three lots for the re­no­vation of the Allmend Tunnel in Thun

Operating and Safe­ty Sys­tems N06 Ru­bigen – Thun – Spiez

After 46 years of ser vice, the Allmend Tunnel will be completely renovated
between the connections of Thun North and Thun South, as part of the
maintenance project N06 Rubigen - Thun - Spiez.

The Operating and Safety Systems and the structure gauge will be adapted to meet the current standards. At the end of 2016, FEDRO (Swiss Federal Roads Office) sent out various tenders for work relating to the Operating and Safety Systems. This included Lot 12 (energy supply), Lot 21 (lighting) and Lot 31 (ventilation), for which we have been awarded the contracts.


Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

Scope of project

Lot 12: Energy supply
Lot 21: Lighting
Lot 31: Ventilation

Time frame

2016 – 2020


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