Fail-safe power supply for the control system of the Swiss Federal Railways

192 switchgear com­bina­tions for the the Swiss Fe­de­ral Rail­ways ope­ra­tions cen­tre in Olten

The Swiss Federal Railways operates a largely comprehensive rail network in Switzerland. Every day it carries 8,000 passenger and 2,000 freight trains over its tracks. And more traffic is predicted for the future. This will have to be managed with modern control technology. To do this, the Swiss Federal Railways is pooling its 100+ regional control sites into the operations centres in Lausanne (OC West), Olten (Central OC), Zurich Airport (OC East) and Pollegio (OC South). To ensure the safety of a railway network, the control system relies on a fail-safe power supply.


Swiss Federal Railways, Operations Centre, Olten


2013 – 2014


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