Ventilation and smoke ex­trac­tion sys­tem

Rhone Oberwald hydro­elec­tric power plant

In 2015 and 2018, FMV SA (Forces motrices valaisannes) built a new hydro­electric power plant by the Rhone in Obergarns. This system, which is practically completely in the mountain, uses the slope of the Rhone between Gletsch and Oberwald.

The power plant consists of a water catchment, 2.2-km long pressure tunnel, the underground power plant and the access galleries (350 m long). The power plant produces an annual output of around 41 GW h with an installed capacity of 14 MW.

Marti Technik AG, in collaboration with Niersberger AG, delivered and installed the ventilation and smoke extraction system for the underground power plant and access galleries.

This included both the actual ventilation systems (fans, ducts, dampers) and the control system and energy supply.




2017 / 2018


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