Conveyor belt system for the southern ex­ten­sion of metro line 14
Standort Metro Linie 14, "Grand Paris Express"

conveyor belt system metro line 14, "Grand Paris Express"

The existing Paris metro network is to be expanded from 220 km by an
additional 200 km with the Grand Paris Express by 2030. The planned
expansion involves extensions to the existing lines 11 and 14, as well as
new lines 15, 16, 17 and 18. Moreover, 68 new stations are to be built. The
construction of the Supermetro automatique regional will double the size of the Paris metro network, thereby surpassing the London Underground. The required financing for this megaproject is estimated at 35 billion euros.


Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP)


Salini Impregilo SA + Nouvelles Générations d'Entrepreneurs (NGE)




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