Gravel plant Ruefswil
2014 - 2015
Main contractor
Marti AG Kiesaggregate
Complete water-and-slurry treatment unit with chamber filter presses from Marti Technik AG:

High clarifier to clarify approx. 350 m3
of solid-containing waste water from
gravel processing
Flocculating agent mixing station incl.
automatic dosing
Solids pump for charging of the
high clarifier
Slurry pumps for charging

Two KFPA1500-C30-37-16.S3
chamber filter presses each with an
effective volume of around 2.0 m3:
Manufacturer Marti Technik AG
(37 filter discs with 30 mm thick filter
cakes; dewatering pressure up to 15 bar;
400 mm hydraulic cylinder which holds
filter packet together at 320 bar; fully
automatic operation incl. washing robots
to clean the filter cloths)


Marti Technik AG
Lochackerweg 2
CH-3302 Moosseedorf
Fon +41 31 858 33 88
Fax +41 31 858 33 89